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Our Firm

After more than 25 years in the investment management industry with three large Wall Street firms, the time was right to launch an independent global investment management company — one which combines the best attributes of an institutional quality offering with key performance advantages available to an independent boutique firm like ours. 

Formed in 2014 in Mahwah, New Jersey, 1949 Value Advisors LLC is an investment adviser led by Matthew Haynes, CFA (Chief Investment Officer) and Jack Glasheen (Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Operations) building on their more than 50 years of combined industry experience and Matt’s 29 year track record of managing value-driven global equity portfolios.

Our Name

The Intelligent Investor, the seminal book on value investing written by Benjamin Graham, was first published in 1949.  Described by Warren Buffett as “by far the best book on investing ever written”, the 1949 first edition had a prodigious influence on Matt in 1992, the year before he was promoted to global Portfolio Manager with Dean Witter InterCapital.  


We believe that many of Mr. Graham's timeless investment principles are as pertinent today as they were in 1949.  In reverence to Mr. Graham and the profound impact that this book has had on Matt's life and career, our firm's name pays tribute to the year it was first published, and to many of the personal values of that era which we continue to live by today. 

Our Approach

1949 Value Advisors applies timeless investment principles to modern global equity markets using today’s technology and analytical techniques, as Matthew Haynes has done professionally for both retail and institutional investors since 1993.


We are absolute return-oriented global value investors.  We define risk the old-fashioned way — permanent capital loss, not volatility — with each security's financial strength and discounted valuation being paramount to mitigating aggregate portfolio risk.   We believe that a differentiated global portfolio of high-conviction undervalued securities will provide both safety of principal and attractive absolute returns over the long term.

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